In the midst of a data revolution for consumers and network-actors of industrial processes, the number of data-generating machines and their interactions is rising exponentially.

Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) that connect machines in a secure, decentralized way are one of the most important necessities on the path towards a novel landscape of autonomous digital services.

Our solution: the Identity Gateway

In order to connect, organize, manage and utilize machines most efficiently, filancore will provide a unique identity management solution built upon, among others, the cutting-edge decentralized ledger technology IOTA.
As pioneers in this space, filancore embraces the challenges around decentralized, unified and self-sovereign identity for the IoT.

The in-house solution for said challenges will be the Identity Gateway that is being built to offer smart management for autonomous things, devices and machines. The Identity Gateway includes an identity-as-a-service (IAAS) software that will enable customers to use SSI in a simple and intuitive way, without extensive knowledge, scaling up to millions of devices.

Aside from identity management (including authentication and authorization), filancore will offer several modules and add-ons such as verifiable credential (VC) and policy templates, a data authenticity and tracking module, anti-counterfeiting modules, third party ecosystem connectors as well as tailor-made features and integrations serving the specific needs of their clients.

As countless companies struggle with siloing of digital data, filancore aims to provide an easy overarching solution that inherits both compatibility and usability for easy integration. The Identity Gateway minimum viable product (MVP) is scheduled to be released in Q3 of 2021.

Together with our customers, we are pioneering and shaping the future of decentralized identities for the next industrial revolution.