Why does your organization need our Access Control?

Every IoT device is a potential cyber-attack vector requiring strong authentication and restricted access. Our SSI-based solution with a decentralized approach enhances interoperability and portability of identities, dismantling barriers, improving interactions for everyone and everything.

The key capabilities of Access Control

SSI Device Integration

Our software development kit provides needed SSI functionalities for key-, identity- and verifiable credential management, supporting your choice of hardware.

Decentralized Authentication

Use decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for standardized machine-to-machine authentication based on OpenIDConnect (OIDC) standards.

Autonomous Authorization

Verify permissions via verifiable credentials to provide trusted access to your device, systems, applications and other resources with OpenID Connect (OIDC) standards.

Self-Sovereign Identity Management

Allow users to easily and handle securely their own identity and verifiable credentials in one self-sovereign identity wallet, while ensuring privacy.

Streamlined Onboarding

Quickly integrate employees, partners and customers to your IoT ecosystem through automated processes. Enable “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOID) and use interoperable credentials, for best in class user experience.

Effortless Passwordless Login and Interactions

Passwordless authentication with decentralized identities and verifiable credentials. Allowing seamless interactions between users across IoT ecosystems.

Efficient Authorization

Verify user permissions to grant granular access to systems, applications, devices or resources, based on verifiable credentials.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the authentication be used for any devices, systems and users?

Yes, our system is versatile and capable of managing a wide range of devices, systems, and users. It complies with common standards and protocols, such as SIOPv2, OID4VCI and OID4VP. For this, devices and systems should support cryptographic functions like signing and possess secure storage for public keys and credentials. If a device lacks these capabilities, a more powerful nearby device or system can manage these functions on its behalf. For human users, all processes are conveniently managed through a mobile SSI wallet.

Why are passwords not needed?

Our Authentication operates on an automated challenge-response process and uses verifiable credentials, eliminating the need for passwords. In machine-to-machine scenarios, authentication is fully automated, while in human-to-machine cases, users can select which of their own credentials to use for login or verification.

How does ‘Bring Your Own Identity’ (BYOID) work in my ecosystem?

If users or devices already possess a self-sovereign identity, they can directly use it within your ecosystem. Given that each participant in the SSI ecosystem is also part of a larger identity network, these identities typically offer high interoperability and portability. Hence, BYOID streamlines onboarding and enhances the user experience, removing the need for multiple identities or repeated identity verifications.

How is user privacy protected?

Our authentication feature prioritizes user privacy. It uses decentralized, self-sovereign identities that give users control over their personal information. Only necessary data is shared during authentication, minimizing exposure and ensuring that privacy is maintained throughout the process.