Why does your organization need the Identity Gateway?


Reduce critical dependencies, gain control, and resilience in your IoT ecosystem through decentralized identity methods.


IoT needs a flexible fast-scaling, high-performance platform for decentralized identities and credentials while ensuring economic efficiency.


A W3C compliant platform, free from vendor lock-in, that foster interoperability, flexibility, and seamless integration with current and future identity systems.

Surprisingly Simple

Experience a streamlined, user-friendly identity lifecycle management for IoT ecosystem participants that simplifies the integration, configuration, operation and maintenance.

The key capabilities of our Identity Gateway

Build and orchestrate the future of trusted IoT with ease.

Build, onboard & control


Streamline the creation, modification and deletion of decentralized identities throughout their lifecycle, from thousands to millions.


Easily onboard identities to ecosystem participants and issue verifiable credentials.


Effortlessly assign and manage the control of these identities and crendentials within the ecosystem.

Configure, operate & maintain


Standardize credentials with customizable templates for consistency across your ecosystem.


Automate processes, like provisioning and de-provisioning of identities and credentials, through API connectors, or manage them manually via a user-friendly interface.


Simplify the handling and maintance of your SSI node infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency.

Integrate & setup

Setup SSI Infrastructure

Streamline the onboarding and setup your SSI Node Infrastructure on a single platform.

Intergrate Security Infrastructure

Effortlessly embed Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Software Security Modules (SSMs).

Monitor, detect & respond


Business-friendly data abstraction and overview of identities lifecycle management metrics through a comprehensive dashboard and user-friendly UI.

Detect & Respond

Achieve operational excellence with prompt alerts of issues and incidents, along with directed guidance for effective resolution.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the Identity Gateway be integrated with my existing IT infrastructure?

Absolutely! The Identity Gateway is designed for seamless integration with your current IT infrastructure. It easily connects e.g. to your existing Hardware Security Module via PKCS#11 in seconds, ensuring secure key handling.

Where are the Identities anchored?

The anchoring of identities depends on the use case. In general they are anchored on verifiable data registries (VDRs), which act like an identity repository. These registries can be a secure central database, cloud, or any distributed ledger. Currently, we support IOTA, Shimmer, and VDRs of your choice.

Which Cryptography do I have to support?

Our Identity Gateway is flexible with cryptographic standards. It’s designed to work with a range of cryptographic protocols to suit your security needs and is continuously updated to adhere to the latest industry standards.

Can I run it on-prem or in the cloud?

The Identity Gateway is versatile; it can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud based on your requirements.

Can I transition between on-premises and cloud setups at any time?

Our modular design allows easy transition to other systems or platforms at any time.

Is revocation of identities and verifiable credentials possible with SSI?

Yes, you can create, issue, change and delete identities and verifiable credentials managed through the Identity Gateway.