Why does your organization need Records?

This feature establishes a new approach for data trustworthiness and value within your IoT ecosystem. Ensuring data authenticity, integrity and a verifiable history are important for regulatory compliance, quality evidence, selling data and accurate automated decision making.

The key capabilities of Records

Secure & Validate Data

Integrity & Authenticity

Ensure data is genuine and verify its source using device identity signatures and hashing.

Enhance Data Reliability

Attach important meta information to your data, like data authorship, circumstances of data generation, time of the device’s last maintenance and more.

Anchor Data

Ensure permanent, immutable proof of data accuracy and existence by comparing your data with a correlating historical data snapshot anchored on a distributed ledger.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do Records ensure the security of IoT data?

Our Records feature utilizes digital signatures and distributed ledger technology to secure data records. Anchoring data to a distributed ledger ensures that it remains unaltered and traceable, significantly enhancing both security and trustworthiness.

Can Records be integrated with any type of data?

Yes, Records is highly adaptable and can be integrated with any type of data. Its flexible architecture is designed to accommodate different data formats and structures, ensuring compatibility with your existing data systems.

How can Records assist in complying with data regulations?

Records provide a tamper-proof and verifiable data log, essential for meeting data protection requirements like NIS2 or the Cyber Resilience Act. This feature streamlines audits and upholds data integrity standards, making it easier to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

How can external parties verify the records?

Data verification by externals can be performed using the original dataset, which enables the comparison with the anchored record on the ledger. This process can also be performed independently and locally without relying on our platform.