The essence of excellence in our products


  • Protection against unauthorized access.
  • Ensures data authenticity and integrity.
  • Minimizes failure points through decentralization.
  • Reduces dependencies and enhances ownership.


  • Efficiently manages numerous identities and credentials.
  • A flexible, high-performance platform.
  • Ressource-smart growth


  • Avoids vendor lock-in.
  • Best-in-class interoperability and portability.
  • Seamlessly integrates with legacy and future systems.

Surprisingly simple

  • Simplifies participant and device onboarding.
  • Provides a streamlined user experience.
  • Easy integration and configuration.
  • Effortless identity lifecycle management.

We believe that Self-Sovereign Identity is the key to enabling seamless interactions that boost collaboration!

Filancore, a leader in advanced identity technology, combines simplicity and security to empower seamless business innovation.


What our valued clients and partners have to say about their experience with our products and us

Protecting our devices and sharing their data with efficient and secure methods is key for ETO to build our new IoT business models. We are absolutely conviced by filancore’s approach to use Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for machines and IoT devices. It is a very innovative way to build trust in the digital world.

Benjamin Bönisch, VP Corporate Development and Strategy

Machine identities need to be trusted from the moment of inception throughout their life cycle. filancore’s innovation is helping to bring the future of cloud-native authentication and authorization to the Venafi ecosystem.

Kevin Bocek, VP, Ecosystem and Threat intelligence

filancore has made massive contributions to the IOTA Identity framework. They went above and beyond to help IOTA Identity towards a beta release. They are experts in decentralized identity and IOTA and were a pleasure to work with.

Jelle Millenaar, Lead of Identity
IOTA Foundation