Two Partners, One Goal

“We are developing disruptive technologies that will manage millions of sensors and wearables in the future,” said Benjamin Bönisch, VP Strategy & Corporate Development. “And that’s where filancore comes in. Our two companies are aligned by the ambition to provide a holistic security architecture for IoT concepts.” Founded in 2019, filancore provides an efficient identity management system for autonomous devices and machines, called the Identity Gateway. It includes an Identity-as-a-Service software that enables customers to use self-sovereign and secure digital identities in a simple and intuitive way without extensive knowledge.

“We are pleased to have ETO GRUPPE as a strong and experienced partner, who shares our interests and visions. During the past months we have already seen how well ETO GRUPPE and filancore fit together.” says Markus Soppa, Managing Director at filancore.

Building a transparent and fair digital infrastructure

The Identity Gateway makes it possible to securely implement a management structure with distributed ledger technology, as well as to offer it to customers of all industries in a scalable and cost-effective manner. The Identity Gateway enables secure decentralized management structures based on distributed ledger technology that are both scalable and cost-effective to implement for customers in all industries.

The innovative technology will be the basis for further new projects from ETO GRUPPE in the near future. “The official cooperation with Filancore is another milestone in our development roadmap,” said Bönisch. “We want to be able to operate autonomously and at the highest possible level in all important core competencies of Industry 4.0. Our ambition is to play a formative role in the big data management of the future. Our goal is therefore to build a transparent and fair digital infrastructure in which data producers and users benefit equally. The alliance with filancore was one of several strategic investments and an important investment and milestone in this direction.”

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